Slow in production, fast in pgAdmin


Ever came across with a mysterious performance issue of a database query, while executing the exact same query directly on the same database instance performs fast as it should? Are you using prepared statements with your ORM or query builder? Are you on Postgres? Chances are, you're not really running the exact same queries. And in this post I'm about to elaborate on the importance of using proper data types during any interaction with a database.

Beginning Ruby 3


If you are looking for a relatively fresh Ruby book that is suitable for beginners in Ruby programming, this might be it. In this article I'll explain whom I recommend Beginning Ruby 3, and why I picked it, and at the end I also bring up some notable alternatives that could be worth considering.

Organizing unit tests in Rust


How to organize unit tests in a relatively nice way in Rust? Unfortunately there is no clean solution, but it is possible to achieve a structure that is production worthy.